The Reverse

This summer, the Indian cricket team couldn’t buy a win against England, in England. They not only lost every single Test Match, but were swept by England in the one-day series. “Just you wait,” said the Indian fans and players. “Once you come to our neck of the woods, we’ll show you who the champs are.” No Test matches were played, but in the five one-day matches that have just concluded, India showed their class and destroyed England just as conclusively (5–0) as England destroyed them.

What does the series prove? Not much. India always were a very good side, and they’ve reaffirmed it—especially in one-day cricket. It’s always been hard for non-native teams to win in the Indian subcontinent, and it’s proved that way again. England will claim they’re building a team to win the next World Cup (in 2014). India will reclaim their bragging rights. In the end, though, one can’t help wondering where that leaves either team.


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