Any Second Thoughts on Dealing Jesus Montero?

The earl of Essex, complete with head: Is Joe Girardi sticking his neck too far out?

Perhaps the trade of budding-superstar catcher Jesus Montero leaves lingering doubts in Yankeeland during the height of the Hotstove League Season. Once upon a time, the idea of such a trade, dealing an everyday prospect for a pitcher that starts every fourth (nowadays fifth or even sixth) day, was no, no, and No! But pitching is in such short supply in 2000s, offensive-heavy Major League Baseball that bringing in a young six-foot-seven-inch flamethrower trumps all the odds contra success over the long haul. Will Michael Pineda have the makeup to play in New York and not to succumb to the almost-inevitable Tommy John Surgery? Yankees manager Joe Girardi has perhaps prevailed on upper management Hal Steinbrenner et al, with much on the line.


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2 Responses to Any Second Thoughts on Dealing Jesus Montero?

  1. The Post-Boss era Yankees will conduct their team building much like the rest of MLB. Whereas in the past they had the go-ahead to outspend the competition, they now have to craft deals and hope for the best. As with every one of these deals, some will work and others won’t. Time will tell. But the days of Daddy Warbucks buying pennant after pennant are over.

  2. How true. Right Off the Bat is of the Old School. The so-called Core Four (and we could add a Jive Five in Bernie Williams) are a product of the Stump Merrill Era, when The Boss was suspended from Major League Baseball. The goal is to become Young, Fast, and Scientific, and to Make Make Money The Old-fashioned Way: By Earning It.

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