They’d Name a Candy Bar after Me

Please pass the Ken Griffey, Jr., BarWhen Reggie Jackson of the Baltimore Orioles boasted ca. 1976 that “They’d name a candy bar after me if I played in New York” he wasn’t kidding. I (Evander) remember a 1977 Yankee Stadium opening-day field littered with thousands of Reggie Bars after one of the slugger’s patented home runs or other feats of amazement. For years, I had saved the wrapper. But who knew how far baseball-candy fanaticism might go? Fast forward to 1993, when an impressionable twelve-year-old fan of the Kansas City Royals, one Ryan Wood, dropped his undying allegiance to his team to follow the Seattle Mariners career of Ken Griffey Jr. The Griffey people, in turn, had followed the Reggie example: by naming a candy bar after their star slugger. Buying the chocolate at a baseball-card convention, young Wood announced the candy ought to be refrigerated by his family…forever. Little did he know how much attention he was getting at home. When, now aged thirty, married and with a family of his own, not-so-young Wood checked out his mom’s fridge (which even had been replaced at some stage), there, untouched, lay his Ken Griffey, Jr. Bar! Read all about it here.


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