Ten-inning Gem from 1965

Flamethrower from the early 1960s

Flamethrower from the 1960s

Jim Maloney threw 187 (!) pitches, walking ten batters, in his ten-inning, August 19, no-hitter versus the Chicago Cubs at Wrigley Field. Wrigley, which turns 100 in 2014, is a spry 51 here. Thanks to FOROTB (friend of Right off the Bat) Stuart Cohn, who called my attention to the video, the unusual footage of this game is available—from the eighth inning onward. The video is atypical for being in color. The black-and-white advert for Hamm’s Beer, with legendary broadcaster Jack Brickhouse, however, is most era-typical cornball. All-time hits’ king Pete Rose, in his third season, reaches base when Ernie Banks (2013 winner of the Presidential Medal of Freedom) is charged with an error at first on a tough play. Later, “Let’s Play Two” ends it. Watch!


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