Going Multipurpose

Artist's rendition of Yankee Stadium in 2015, set up for soccer

Artist’s rendition of Yankee Stadium in 2015: set up for soccer

Silly me. I (Evander) thought that the point of the third-generation baseball stadium, with all those great sight lines, was baseball only. How wrong. Whenever money’s involved….

The 2009-occupied Yankee Stadium will host what most of the human race calls football till an adjoining stadium (land from one of the lesser-used garages) is constructed.

Thus, this so-called baseball-only Stadium will now include college football, ice hockey, and, during the season, field-chewing, whatever-happens-to-the-pitching-mound soccer.

When I toured the Stadium in January 2013, several “field-cops” literally screamed at anyone unintentionally sliding a toe from the warning track onto a (partially snow-encrusted no less) blade of infield grass.

Where’s a field-cop when you need one?


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