The Curious Game of Cricket

It's not exactly your grandmother's sport.

It’s not exactly your grandmother’s sport.

In a recent New Yorker review of a non-sports film, David Denby, in passing, dismissively refers to “the British and their curious game of cricket.” This mostly baseball fan (Evander) felt a twinge of insult. Perhaps Mr (nota: no period after the “r”) Denby might check out these films showcased by Martin in a previous blog, or learn a little something about T20 Cricket.


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1 Response to The Curious Game of Cricket

  1. theteesra says:

    “It’s not exactly your grandmother’s sport.”

    Actually, that is the point about cricket. It _is_ a sport your grandmother could happily watch, sat outside the boundary on a summer afternoon, ideally with a nice cup of tea (picnic optional).

    But cricket is also T20 and the Big Bash. It is street20 and tape-ball, and even cage cricket (no choke holds allowed). And the Test match that somehow meanders to a draw after 5 days.

    The very diversity of the forms of the game militates against wider understanding and appreciation. For anyone who doesn’t “get” cricket, it will remain a curious game.

    Cricket is not everyone’s cup of tea…but neither is a cup of tea everyone’s hot beverage of choice!

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