Test Match Special—Voices of Summer

In the last ten years of my life, I (Parth) have been introduced to BBC Test Match Special. The month of May is the dawn of every English summer season. That means the voices of summer will describe the moments of my summer once again throughout the summer. Like any time-honored tradition, the start of the English summer has become one to look forward to in any calendar year. And I do. These voices, by calling the games, have become a the soundtrack of my summer. I look forward to them every year like a 5-year-old does to Christmas.

I am not English, but during the summer season, simply by osmosis of TMS, I become an English cricket fan. By following TMS, I get to revel in the rich history of the sport I love, in a country that has had most of it. It is perhaps the best time of the year. And, let’s be honest, the English know how to celebrate the game, in its truest sense. I am not English; but these cultural and sporting institutions make me yearn to be one!

And, the fact is, who is not in love with Henry Blofeld?

http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b01snrcx#auto (Do listen to the BBC program called the Voices of Summer).  (Available only for 28 days from today).



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