Not Cricket: “Bat Form”

Proponent-of-Moneyball Luthnow—victimized by success?

Proponent-of-Moneyball Luhnow—victimized by success?

Front-office personnel of the venerable St. Louis Cardinals franchise have plenty of explaining to do as the FBI investigates their hacking of the Houston Astros’s databases.

Besides the Times, Reuters has now weighed in to let the rest of the world know: Man, it just ain’t cricket!

Bluntly put, the incident and/or series of incidents likely involve envious retribution over the recent success of exec Jeff Luhnow, who moved from the Cardinals’s front office to the post of Astros’s GM.

The Cardinals, smack in the beer capital of America, are, as stated, one of the elite teams in MLB. The Astros have never had much collective success either in the National or American Leagues—the latter to which the franchise moved in 2013, aetat. 51, an unusual if not unprecedented transition, which Luhnow oversaw.

Move over China and other national-and-business entities better known for hacking datum networks. “Meet me in Houston, Houston?” Yes… “St. Louie, we have a problem.”


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