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The Don. The Babe. South Korea. What do all these have in common? According to the Guardian last year, plenty. Martin and I touch on the two 1930s Cricket-and-Baseball Summits in something of a coda to Right off the Bat—minus … Continue reading

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The Unluckiness of the Irish

In a staggering piece of stupidity, the International Cricket Council—the ruling body of the game of cricket—has determined that only the 10 full-member nations will compete in the 2015 one-day World Cup. This means that Ireland, which put up such … Continue reading

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Shut me up, fellas.

Every cricket World Cup, a number of Associate Member (a.k.a. second tier) cricket teams (a.k.a. “minnows”) get to swim with the big fish. This time around, Canada, The Netherlands, Kenya, and Ireland will be duking it out with Australia, India, … Continue reading

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