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Great Stadiums (11): From Blueprints

Credit Rod Kennedy Jr. for a keen perseverance. Pursuant to the story linked to his name, Kennedy unearthed (the right word) the blueprints for Ebbets Field. This is where Kennedy lives in his memories (as all us fans of baseball … Continue reading

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A Letter from a Fan

Occasionally, out of the ether, a missive arrives that tells us that our writing hasn’t fallen on deaf ears. We were delighted to receive an email from Parth Taneja, a¬†law student in Washington, D.C. The letter (slightly edited for length … Continue reading

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Baseball Historian Weighs in on Barry Bonds

“We live in a time when we think everything can be cured by a medication. If you want to talk about a performance-enhancing culture, let’s look at Viagra, let’s look at Levitro…all of these things that are advertised on daytime … Continue reading

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