Tyger! Tyger!

Comerica Park in Detroit: It looks grrrreat! (Getty)

I (Evander) continue this amorphous series of postseason blogs where I left off the other day: Expect the unexpected.

As James Joyce might have said, yes, rain is general all over the Midwest. The Detroit Tigers, who lead the New York Yankees 3-0, as the universe knows, cannot control the weather as well as they have controlled Yankee bats. The game has been rained out. CC Sabathia pitches for the Bombers tomorrow afternoon, meaning this is it for the large lefthander in terms of American League competition: unless manager Joe Girardi inserts him in an all-hands-on-deck (synecdoche) relief appearance. Only one team has ever clawed back from a 3-0 hole: the historic Boston Red Sox versus the Yankees in 2004.

In the meantime, back at the ranch, the 1-1 San Francisco Giants-St. Louis Cardinals are in a rain delay of their own, in the Show Me State, as I write these words. The Cardinals are winning this game, seeking a 2-1 advantage over the resilient Giants.

In other rain-soaked news, problem-child Alex Rodriguez may be traded, after nine season with the Yankees, to the Miami Marlins. The Texas Rangers are still paying some of A-Rod’s salary as far as I know. If the trade happens during the off-season, the Yankees would owe Miami something like $114 million. As my wife put it, they will not be naming a candy bar after A-Rod—once upon a time the best player in baseball, who now rides the bench—anytime soon.

No one saw this coming.

Continue to expect the….


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