How Sweet It Is

Superstitious Detroit manager Jim Leyland finally removes his sunglasses. (Robin Buckson/The Detroit News)

The Detroit Tigers demolished the New York Yankees to win the American League pennant for the eleventh time in their (the Tigers’s) storied history: the team of Ty Cobb and Hank Greenberg and Al Kaline among many other greats. The Yankees scored in something like three of the thirty-nine innings they played. The Yankees never had a lead in any of the four games. “Sensitive” Yankees are blaming their hometown fans for booing. Yet, lightning-rod A-Rod says he does not want to play anywhere but New York City. He may have his chance—but as a member of the visiting Miami Marlins (at Citi Field) in 2013. If the Red Sox could complete a major salary dump, and the St. Louis Cardinals could do without Albert Pujols (the Cards are on the verge of defending their 2011 championship, all without their former franchise player), perhaps the Yankees could and would act accordingly. With Derek Jeter about to undergo surgery on his fractured left ankle, there is little doubt the club will want to move their thirty-eight-year-old captain (who would turn thirty-nine in June 2013) from shortstop to DH or, preferably, to the less-demanding position occupied by A-Rod: third base. In the words of Lou Costello, soon enough it may well be “I Don’t Know On Third.” For now, all congratulations go to the A.L. champion Tigers.


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