Take Me out with the Marx Brothers

Not only Abbott and Costello wonders Who's on First....

Not only Abbott and Costello wonder Who’s on First….

“Now, Chicolini, I want a full, detailed report of your investigation.”
“All-a right! I-a tell you. Monday, we watch Firefly’s house. But he no come out. Tuesday, we go to the ball game. But he fool us—he no show up. Wednesday, there was no ball game. Thursday, it was a doubleheader—nobody show up. Friday, it rained all day. There was no ball game. So, we stayed home, listened to the radio.”

Above is some baseball-fan jargon—before domes—from the Marx Brothers’ Duck Soup. Below, check out forty seconds of “Take Me out to the Ball Game” lunacy: A Night at the Opera.


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