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Kumar—Cricket’s Great Hope

Cricket may be losing a player of a generation, but it could be gaining one of its great administrators. Numbers do not lie. He was right up there with all the plaudits, marching proudly with the greats of any era. … Continue reading

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Good-bye, Richie!

Cricket is as much a game about the players as it is about the people who “call the plays,” as it is so beautifully said in baseball. Richie Benaud died today. He was without a doubt one of the best … Continue reading

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Russell Crowe m.i.a. in Cricket Town USA

Writing par’ner Martin hit me with a new concept: maiden. I had foolishly asked him what “m” stood for in what us baseball fans call “the box score.” “I don’t remember this in our book….” “Evander, we just could not … Continue reading


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