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Oh, England!

It is now with great regret that we are compelled to talk about the England cricket team—soundly trounced, thrashed, taken to the cleaners (choose your metaphor) by New Zealand in the World Cup on Thursday. Now don’t get me (Martin) wrong; … Continue reading

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The Cricket World Cup: A Preview, Part 3

We’ve already reviewed (in parts 1 and 2) the top eight teams in the competition. What makes the World Cup so fun (or monumentally boring and drawn-out, depending on your perspective) is the presence of, in the 2015 version, six second-tier … Continue reading

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Ally Pally and the Bobby Thomson Word Picture

Martin’s back! I think I drove him nuts making all those fine-tunings in Right Off the Bat second proof. No extra trees will die as a result of these alterations. But the blood pressure may creep up with the (tree) … Continue reading

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Pinch Hitting at the World Cup

In baseball parlance, pinch hitting is when a fresh batter (also known as the hitter) replaces another, always from the reserves on the bench, for the purpose of increasing offense. I have been pinch hitting with one huge difference: I … Continue reading

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Russell Crowe m.i.a. in Cricket Town USA

Writing par’ner Martin hit me with a new concept: maiden. I had foolishly asked him what “m” stood for in what us baseball fans call “the box score.” “I don’t remember this in our book….” “Evander, we just could not … Continue reading

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